Meet the Designer

Juliet Erskine is the artist behind the stunning beadwork and jewelry designs at Jules & Rose. She is a meticulous and creative designer who infuses elegance, romance and a sense of drama into her pieces. 

Juliet Erskine discovered beading in 2009 after admiring some beaded tassels in a book. She started making beaded tassels and jewelry and selling it in a small gallery shop on the west coast of Scotland, where she was living at the time. Soon afterward, Juliet and her friend Sarah Smith (a.k.a. 'Rose'), discovered they had similar interests and tastes and teamed up to start selling beaded jewelry at local craft fairs, and Jules & Rose was born. But in 2016 Juliet moved to California with her family and so Jules and Rose had to split up into two separate businesses. Juliet kept the Jules & Rose name while Sarah rebranded as Eclectic Creations.

Jules & Rose jewelry has a romantic, theatrical flair which is inspired by Juliet's love of fairy tales, romance novels, vintage fashion and her degree in Theatre. 

​Teaching classes and designing so that others may discover an appreciation for beadwork is her joy, and she is delighted to be able to share her passion with the world on her popular YouTube channel.

​You can find out more about what's up on a daily basis by following Jules & Rose on Facebook or Instagram, or check out all her inspirations on Pinterest!

Current Stockists

Studio Channel Islands

2222 E. Ventura Blvd.

Camarillo, CA 93010

Phone (805)383-1368​

Request for services

Juliet is able to accept commissions for special pieces, design wholesale collections for retailers, or undertake private label design work.

Everything from a one-off statement piece or special pair of earrings, to large scale retail projects are possible.

In the first instance, please contact with full details of your project for a quotation and timeline.

Jules and Rose and Jules and Rose USA are both fictional trading names registered in Ventura Co, California.Business License is issued by the City of Thousand Oaks, CA.